The Evolution of Machine Translation: Supervening Social Necessity, Hype Cycle, Disruptive Innovation

The new research discusses the evolution of machine translation in 1930s – 2000s considering three important innovation theories: the theory of supervening social necessity, the theory of disruptive innovation, and the hype cycles theory. The work was made in the framework of the MCDM program in the University of Washington, Seattle as a part of “The Evolution and Trends in Digital Media Technologies” papers.

In our research, the arguments and analysis demonstrate that machine translation adoption was conditioned by the supervening socio-cultural factors as globalization of economic changes, growing volume of information, changing language landscape of Internet. The diffusion of the translation technology was happening thanks to non consumers and creating new markets in translation industry. Now, machine translation is on the stage of maturity and will be expand in the next 5 years to new markets, segments, and platforms.

The first part of the paper analyzes the origin and development of machine translation in the 20th century from the initial ideas to the first commercial systems in the USA and Europe. It will help to explore the factors leading to the growth of machine translation companies in the past reflecting the transformation of machine translation usage from the assimilation of information to the dissemination application. Next part will examine the growing demand for these services in fields as varied as education and commerce, and describe different social implications in these industries. Finally, we’ll explore the possible future trends of machine translation services in the Internet era, looking at services like Google Translate, YouTube, and try to assess its impact on translation industry.

In addition, you will find the annotated bibliography of literature on machine translation that introduces the most interesting and remarkable researches to understand evolutionary mechanisms of technology diffusion.

The research can be accessed through the “Research” page or via this link “Machine Translation“.


One Response to “The Evolution of Machine Translation: Supervening Social Necessity, Hype Cycle, Disruptive Innovation”

  1. Kirti Says:

    This is very interesting and should be a valuable resource for anybody trying to learn about MT.

    I have also blogged about the high value of MT in future as more content demands to be translated and the increasing man-machine collaboration.

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