Astana: Visitors of Cafe to Pay Not For Food, But For Time Spent There

Anti-cafe to be opened in Astana, the capital of Kazakstan, where visitors will pay not for the food and drinks, but for the time spent in anti-cafe.

“The format of this facility is taken from the Western and Russia analogues. This is a kind of social networking, but here is a live chat. Visitors may bring food with them, tea and coffee, board games and other leisure activities,” author of the project Erbol Kushugulov told June 14, 2012.

It is assumed that customers will not only meet here with old friends, but also actively make new friends.

Anti-cafe is planned to be “alcohol-free zone”. The exception will happen on June 17, 2012 when the first small rock festival with local bands of different genres will perform there.

Source: CA-NEWS: Visitors of cafe to pay not for food, but for time spent there.


How many Internet users in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan?

Internet audience is rapidly growing  in Central Asia, 60-million region in the heart of Eurasian continent.

According to recent data, Internet users in the I quarter of 2011 accounted for 34.4% of the population in Kazakhstan and constituted nearly 5.6 million people. This statistics has been provided by Kazakh Minister of Communications and Information Askar Zhumagaliev.

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Interactive Design = Harmony

Seattle has changed for me since I was learning principles and practice of interactivity design pillars in MCDM program at the University of Washington. My look at things around me became more deep and maybe more harmonious.

The small signs, handles, tubes, stairs that I was taking for granted started to tell me story about their creators, users, producers. They all have personality and even small features do matter.

I’ve learned a lot in interactive design. Designing process is constant and has many iterations. It’s always beta. The successful design is synonymous of simplicity. Simplicity makes designed product democratic.

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The Great Inforgraphic About Egypt Uprising on Twitter

The 2011 Egyptian revolution took place following a popular uprising that began on 25 January 2011 which featured a series of demonstrations, marches, acts of civil disobedience, labour strikes, and violent clashes between protestors and security services and supporters of the regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Timeline of Egypt’s revolution – A chronicle of the revolution that ended the three-decade-long presidency of Hosni Mubarak (Al Jazeera).

Here is the infographic about Twitter usage during the revolution.

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Proposal for Design of News Website – Central Asian News Service


The idea of “Central Asian News Service” CA-NEWS website is oriented to develop the high-quality online resource of accurate information that reflects variety of opinions and meaningful discussions about development of democratic society in Central Asia. CA-NEWS provides instant news reports and analytical materials, reviews, comments on Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

CA-NEWS produces up to 100 news items in Russian and 50 news items in English about politics, economy, society, culture, science, and sport in Central Asian region. Its interactive features include traditional push-channels of content: RSS, maillist, online bookmarks and social networks: Facebook, Twitter.

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Design Strategy for UW Libraries Mobile App


The University of Washington Libraries enriches the quality of life and advances intellectual discovery by connecting people with knowledge.”

As the part of UW libraries strategy, we suggesting the development of mobile application to make its resources accessible for users of mobile devices, phones. tablets.

The design strategy includes:

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The Games I Play in Seattle: Kinect Xbox, Wii, Zynga@Facebook

I’m not heavy gamer but sometimes I like to relax and spend my time for computer games. I don’t like time consuming multilevel strategies and shooters. Prefer simple and fast versions with the opportunity of competition against real players. Here I present you short analysis of the 4 games I played in Seattle and which attracted my attention.

Kinect Xbox

The newest game console from Microsoft Kinect Xbox brings amazing impression to every gamer. Never tried Xbox before I was surprised by its concept of playing and moving body. It’s really energy consuming game. I felt myself as I had workout session.

Kinect Xbox requires time to learn its features and navigation principles as it’s based on gestures. There is no controller. I tried dance game that requires special skills. You have to learn movements during pre-game training session and later to try earn points by dancing as accurate as possible. You need to repeat everything that virtual instructor shows you on screen.

The game is fun as it has vibrant graphic and such features  as gamers’  movements recording and freestyle dance entertain you while you playing a game. But, personally, I was discouraged to hear that the game doesn’t support multi-player mode. There is only option to compare your results with general scoreboard online.

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